Backend Server Developer

Posted: 2017-08-10

Apply Information

- You have 1+ years in building web applications
- You use Ruby on Rails and SQL or are comfortable learning new things
- You are familiar with Git, common test suites (RSpec, Minitest, etc)
- You know the basics about network development, e.g. DNS, CDN, SSL, TCP/IP, etc
- You’ve known as a great communicator and use different ways to improve understanding, e.g. pictures, storytelling, etc
- You write tests to improve quality of code
- You are organized and focused toward a goal
- Knowledge of other languages such as Node.JS/Javascript, Go, Python, Elixir a plus
- Knowledge and experience with DevOps, server deployment technologies and procedures a plus


- 一年以上網路服務開發經驗
- 使用Ruby on Rails以及 SQL或是樂於學習新的語言和框架
- 熟悉版本控制軟體 Git,常用的測試工具(如RSpec, Minitest等等)
- 瞭解基礎的網路服務開發知識,如DNS, CDN, SSL, TCP/IP 等
- 擅長溝通協調,會使用不同的方式(如畫圖 敘事)幫助溝通更順暢
- 透過撰寫測試來改善程式碼品質
- 專注有組織地向目標前進
- 熟悉其他程式語言,例如如Node.JS/JS, Golang, Python, Elixir
- 瞭解DevOps或服務部署方法和流程

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